hey guys: I know you've seen a lot of these threads.
I'm a jeff Loomis fan and I play a lot of his songs,so I've heard he uses dunlop sharp picks so I'm going to buy one
but now I use dunlop XL,( It don't say what mm) and jeff uses 1.50mm picks
I'm wondering which sizes should I buy,I think it may be too thick for me, I want a pick that's good with alternate picking
I know the best choice is to try it but I really can't now, so I'm asking you about your personal experience, if it's thicker will it be harder to alternate picking or not?,
note: I really care about my comfort more than my tone.
It is all personal prefrence. I use light picks .60 Dunlop Tortex "the wedge" and I play a variety of styles and string guages.

Go to a music store and buy a bunch of single picks and se which you like best. You can get a variety of picks for under $5. Then you can see which material and thickness you like.
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I play fast tremolo-picked surf music using .50mm Dunlop picks (the red ones), which are generally considered an acoustic strumming pick, with no problems at all. It is all down to technique and preference I reckon as I knew a few metal guys who use super-thin picks too.. Also, apologies, but I always chuckle when someone talks about buying a single pick - using thin picks I burn through a good half a dozen just at band practice, I buy them in the biggest bags I can haha
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