Hi guys, I inherited some equipment but can't seem to find out what they are or their worth!

I've googled all the details I can about all of them but results show nothing, I'm totally lost, maybe one of you wise men/women will know?

I've attached some pictures of the equipment.
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That there is a Peavey Corby 110 PTE

Well played, but as I said, googling that brought no results, I can't find any others anywhere on the internet
I'm led to believe Corby isn't the model, but infact the place Corby. Also a Peavey 110 is a Bass amp =/
I want to believe so, but it can't be, it doesn't exist anywhere, only other thing I've seen is some guy asking if he can plug his head into them, and didn't say a model, only that they were labelled model-corby and 16 ohms on the back.

Just read my post back, it sounded a bit insane, I meant Marshall Head haha
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Peavey's UK building place top secret HQ is in Corby. The model is a 110pte.

I used to live right near Corby and can confirm this.
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Best bet go to guitar center they will tell you everything pretty much free of charge