So i've been screwing around on my acoustic a lot and now Spanish types of progressions are really starting to intrigue to me. I mainly discovered some real basic progressions by myself, primarily E major to A minor, then i tried my own arpeggios with E, Am, F, C, E and so on..

I'm sure there's a lot more than just progressions to playing in a Spanish sort of sound. Seems to me like an upbeat sort of rhythm is rather crucial aswell.

I have no clue what i'm talking about with this kind of thing though. I just want to start jamming my own funky Spanish style acoustic music. If anyone could point me in a direction that would be awesome.

Thank you


Seems after a little research that the phrygian dominant scale is a place to go? Actually sounds really nice and what i'm looking for.
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Yes i was JUST about to edit and say flamenco haha

And yes that video is basically exactly what i mean
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Note that very little of what people think of as "Flamenco" is.... Flamenco is a very traditional style that is essentially an accompaniment for dancers and singers in that style. There are a number of forms of this music each of which has it's particular chord progressions and styles.

What most think of as Flamenco is more along the lines of "Flamenco influenced Latin jazz/pop".

Guys like Paco De Lucia are in this category, though he is a flatly-amazing guitarist.....
I thought this would just be spanish-guitar music in general.

If you're interested in an easy, but nevertheless good sounding piece, look up "Spanish Romance".