Hello dear members of UG!! Though I am not a virtuoso and I am an inexperienced player, yet I like to pick up various solos and melodies on guitar. I mainly like rock and classic metal type stuffs (i.e. Creed, Guns N' Roses, Dio, Iron Maiden etc.). I have been playing LTD m-53 electric guitar for a while. I say it is a nice guitar which has good sound, nice action and pretty much stays in tune when I play(I don't use trem). But the only problem I face with it is that the height of the fret(the metal object that separates each fret of the guitar) is a bit high. I mean when I slide on my guitar, my finger often gets stuck by the fret specially on the thinner strings. Other than that I am satisfied with this guitar. But I am thinking about purchasing a new one. And I have narrowed down my options into these three guitars:-
LTD EC 330
PRS SE Custom 24
PRS SE Singlecut Trem
Has anyone of you ever played any one of these, any comment or suggestion regarding them? Can anyone please kindly care to help me with picking up a good guitar from these models?
All of them are damn good for what you do, but I'd go for the SE Custom 24. The tremolo and expands your possibilities with it, the wide thin neck profile is one of the nicest ones I've ever tried, and the quirky 25" scale gives the whole guitar a unique feel that is very slick. Sounds pretty damn good straight out of the box, too. The SE Singlecut is pretty much the same - just a matter of if you dig singlecuts over strat-ish guitars.
The LTD is nice, as well, but I would say that the SE range is amongst the very nicest guitars in the entire <$1000-ish price range.

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Quote by The^Unforgiven
All of them are damn good for what you do...

Thank you for your suggestion. I'd ask you one more question if you don't mind, what is the difference between the wide fat and wide thin neck shape that are featured among various PRS guitars? And also what is your perception about the PRS SE Mikael Akerfeldt compared to the PRS SE Custom 24?
I would go with the ltd but I like there necks a little better than the prs necks. That being said prs and esp/ltd make great guitars I would say to try them out and see which one you like more.
I've always loved PRS, Mark Tremonti from Creed uses Singlecut PRS (mostly, some double cuts) so I think you'd be pretty set with one of those.

I always reccomend PRS they're really amazing guitars, you'll have no trouble with them.