Hi. So, I was watching some videos on shredding (for electric guitar), and the guy was recommending tilting your pick upwards slightly to reduce friction and play faster.

It looks like I can't post the link to the vid, but you basically tilt the pick toward the neck of the guitar at like a 30-45 degree angle.

My question is: does this apply to bass or just guitar? It seems like the principle should be the same, but for whatever reason when I try this I get a scratchy sound. It just doesn't sound very clean. I know I'm probably doing the technique wrong, but I wondered if you guys tilted your picks or not. Thanks.

Note: I'm interested in playing metal, primarily.
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tbh, im not that sure what you mean i keep mine with the smallest corner hitting the strings and the rest of it pretty much covered by my thumb if thats of any use
I've seen a lot of bass players playing with the bass more upright than horizontal. A friend of mine says he plays more vertical to reduce cramping in his wrist when playing for long periods at a time.
I've been playing guitar and bass for like 8 years, guitar came first, and I do tilt it sometimes but not often. The tilted pick is needed to tremolo pick on guitar so on bass it kind of comes out of habit if I'm playing with a pick, but I tend to get too much string scrape on those heavier strings on the bass when I tilt my pick.
The angle of the Pick can make a nice grinding/Swiping sound on each hit.

I auditioned for an Early Christian Rock Band that did Metal to Fusion and one tune I had heard required the angled grind.

The guitarist composer was seemingly impressed that I picked up on it myself and would play slap, finger, and pick for effect at anytime, without giving any lip.

The edge of a Pick against a single strand string does not grind anything like the Bass due to the thickness of the outer windings.

Flat wound will not really do this, They will be more like a strand string.

I used to grind on my USA Handmade Pre-Randall Mockingbird. I loved that Bass too much.
The newer configurations in build tech are really significantly better, more stable, more consistent from instrument to instrument. Thus, one of those Beautiful Birds will not be in my sites anytime soon.

A Pick.
I have those.
I have not seen fit to use one unless playing QueensRyche. Doing the Grind.
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