So for the second time I finally manned up and did the fretwork on my Squier Affinity Strat. Last time I tried this I did it to a bronze series Warlock and the job came out rough but about the same as what the guitar all ready was. I used a 12" bastard file and only 0000 steel wool. The fret were very rough due to the wool not being gritty enough to really smooth out the frets after they were so roughed up.

This time around I used 000 - 0 - and some really course gauge. I also opted to use a debit card as a fret rocker and to file each fret by hand with a nail file rather than using the bastard file again. I did not have anything to check the neck straightness so I had to eyeball it. In the end I am much happier this time, there is still some fret buzz on the middle and upper frets but there is almost no buzz at all on frets 1 through 8. With the difference gauges of wool I worked my way down to the 000 gauge and the frets came out extremely smooth with a mirror finish. I call this a success because the difference was almost like night and day.

Before the fret leveling I could hear the fret buzz clearly through my amp on the dirty channel and the clean channel was unbearable to play through cause fret buzz was all I could hear. I'll have some pics up later of the finished deal but overall I think actually checking each fret individually and filing by hand is the best way to go for homemade fret leveling.

This is the crowning file I used, worked great.
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Ive always used a giant file and regular sandpaper (220-400ish mostly) for my fret polish. Then followed that with a buffing wheel. Works well for me. Also, I also did a bronxe series warlock for practice once! Haha turned out great though. That guitar ended up with strat pickups haha
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