Hi all,

I posted a thread about my BC Rich being down as the pups appear to be out, which is unfortuanate, because now I have to get new one's..shoot (sarcasm).

Anyways, I promised pictures of the custom paint job my wife experimented with on it. The job took about a week. It took her about a day to hand paint it after a day of primer setting on it. Then 4 days to clear coat and cure and then waxing. Color scheme is white, red, orange and black. It has a stalagtite and stalagmite cave like design. I really like red and white as primary's on such a strongly shaped guitar. It requires a hellraiser color scheme to match it's design. Anyways, see pics below:


Can you take larger, more detailed pics?
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Can you take larger, more detailed pics?

Sure can...I thought about it...I'll take some tonight and post them so you can see the colors within the red and the detail.
An appropriately violent and goulish scheme for such a guitar. Nice work!
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