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I'm looking for a decent external soundcard I can use for recording exclusively guitar work. Nothing at the professional level but I just want my guitar recordings to be of nice quality with minimal to no background noise. Also looking for an external soundcard with a HI-Z Input so I can get that very low latency. If anyone can recommend one or even a few I would be very grateful I'd say my budget is about £200 ($300).

Thanks again
I just got the Tascam us-100. Retails for $100 almost everywhere. but you can find them used cheaper. I was lucky enough to get mine for $38. It may seem too cheap,but it actually works quite well...It doesn't have a HI-Z input,but there is no latency as far as I can tell, It also has 2 mic inputs in the back,plus rca outputs and inputs,and 3 knobs for input,output and balance level...It has good reviews everywhere....Doesn't have phantom power, but I don't use microphones...Mostly use it just for guitar on guitar rig 5. It sounds excellent. No noise at all. minus some slight hiss from my pickups. but it's barely noticeable and the noise gate removes it completely