Recently i has been asked to play in a band who are going to play gigs next month, so i needed to learn Highway to hell.

I learnt it pretty fast, but i'm never satisfied with the sound of the intro riff.

The E string sounds too strong for my opinion it doesnt sound not even close to the original recording neither to any cover i've heard, i tried to play via amp simulators and me real amp(Peavey bandit 112), and it sounds the same.
It must be anything with my playing.

I've upload a record of the intro on my profile.

Thanks !
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I dunno man. I think you nailed it
If you have never checked out the Wood Brothers. Do yourself a favor and look them up. Best. Band. Ever.

It sounds right to me. I think that the differences you are hearing might just be minor eq differences. But, it sounds good either way.
Thanks everybody for writing back that fast!

It may be what TJHague said, going to play a bit with the EQ to see what i can get :P