I will be upgrading my Epiphone Les Paul Custom soon.
I have decided to replace the stock pickups with Seymour Duncan Custom 5 in bridge and Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in the neck.
Recently I heard its better to upgrade the potentiometer, switch and the jack as well. I will purchase a good quality Dimarzio pots, switch and jack but is it necessary to upgrade capacitors as well? I mean does it makes any big difference in the sound?
That really doesnt help a whole lot if at all. Some say yay and nay on it. Ive never noticed any diffrenence. The main difference you will incounter will be how the pots move quicker or slower than others. And how long they last.
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Common practice would say to put a higher quality cap in there because they are pretty cheap. I have always used the Orange drop caps and I am happy.
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I put huge a lemon drop in my Ibanez and I feel like the roll off is more effective now. It's less on and off, more gradual.
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