A website that, given chords, tells you what key you're in and shows a fretboard...

WhatKeyAmIIn(.com) is the first website I've ever built, so if you have any tips or suggestions, lay em on me!

I first had the idea when I was looking for something just like it, and couldn't find anything that did what I was looking for. I got a ton of great suggestions from /r/guitar, /r/musictheory and /r/guitarlessons on Reddit, and have already implemented some of them, such as the ability to display a fretboard showing all of the notes in the selected key and the ability to individually change the tuning of each string on the fretboard.

The sites definitely a work in progress, and it doesn't currently 'know' keys besides basic major and minor keys, but I'm hoping to continue to add to it as time goes by.

Any questions, comments, suggestions or general feedback are much appreciated, thanks!
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Just looking to reach as many guitarists as possible, so I'm trying to use all available avenues. Hopefully some people here will find some value in the site, too.
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The funny thing is, I bet your website wouldn't know what to do if I picked anything other than an I chord, a IV chord, or a V chord.

Apparently it does. It just doesn't get them correct. Also, the fact that your site doesn't have an option for diminshed chords is stupid.
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I saw this on reddit.

I will say though, that you should make it easier to see where the first fret is, as it currently looks like the open strings are the first frets (also maybe make "transparent" fret markers that can be seen alongside the notes, that's a feature no one has and could potentially gain/keep users of your site).
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are you the same guy who made that "show me your axes on facebook" thread? lol