Hey guys,

So I have been rocking a behringer VD-1 Vintage ( ) Distortion pedal for a couple years now, maybe 2-3.

So the problem is that over time the bleedthrough has gotten worse. This pedal was never even close to true bypass, nor did I expect to be, but it has come to be unplayable. When I first got it there were no noticeable problems besides minor tone sucking. Then I started to notice that after engaging it then turning it off into my clean amp channel I could hear the distorted tone very faintly behind my clean signal.

Now it is even worse. I turn off the pedal and for a short time afterward my signal is almost completely cut besides some muffled mess of distortion.

So I guess my question for you is if there are any easy fixes for bleeding like this? Do you know what might have changed to make the pedal worse over time? I realize modding to true bypass is an option but I would rather not go to the trouble.

Thanks in advance.
Is it intermittent? Have you tried cleaning the jacks first off?
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Quote by Offworld92
Is it intermittent? Have you tried cleaning the jacks first off?

What should I clean them with? Could that really be it?

I feel like if the jacks were dirty it wouldn't effect how much of the signal goes through.
Dirty jacks can screw with the sound. Grab some contact cleaner and spray it on the end of your lead and repeatedly push it in and out. Works wonders.

How are you powering the pedal? If you're using batteries or a poor quality power supply, that could be culprit. If it's none of the those things, I really wouldn't bother having it repaired. It's only a cheap pedal.
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