some triplet parts are wrong but the cover is great. This is my fav LOG song and the first one i learnt too many years ago
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Awesome job!
The guitars was really tight and nailed the tone! whats the gear you use?
The vocalist should try to sing "darker" and "less open", to get that bassy log growl.
for the drums i suggest using this:

i mic'd up my 6505+ half stack with a sm57, md421, and an e609 for one guitar. same mic setup with my friends boogie mark v through the 6505 cab. this all ran into my focusrite pro 40 interface. the drums i used were personal samples taken from a kit here at my school i didnt want to use already pre processed drums i wanted to do all of it myself and i used midi for the drums. also the vocalist was the other guitarist he doesnt sing he just wanted to sing it for fun haha thanks for the critique though appreciate it a lot