Well, I was just doing some jammin. I put the amp on stand by, and was going to turn the amp back on, and when i did, i heard this somewhat loud wind blowing type sound out of the cabinet!! I turned the amp off right away, double checked everything, and tried it again, and sure enough it did it again. I pulled all of the connections off (cables, footswitch cable ect.) I flipped the ground switch back and fourth with the amp off, and put it back to 0. I turned the amp back on once again, and the wind sound was gone. There was a small amount of volume coming from amp now from my guitar. But I noticed that the volume doesn't increase when turning the post gain...

Anyone have an idea of what might have happened!!?? And can it be fixed!?

Yea dude, sounds like you blew a tube.
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Haha...Yeah...Your right! I didn't think of it that way! Although, just before it let go i was playing at the screaming post gain of about 1.2. Not really the way you'd want to go out. hah.
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Yea dude, sounds like you blew a tube.

Thats atleast some good news...Thank you..Going to bring it in tomorrow and have a pro look at it.