I had a question regarding candy apple red stratocasters. I could be totally wrong but it seems that, say a '57 candy apple strat, looks different than a candy apple strat from 2012. I can only base this on internet pics but is there a different finishing process now a days or something that makes the color look a little different?
The main difference is that Modern Strats in Candy Apple Red are really, really lame. Also, aging, different paint mixture, different application process and thickness, etc.

Good to see more Wisco folks, too! Racine's a good area. You're not that far from Cream City.
Older finishes will have faded, the finishing technique has also changed a lot.

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as said the process and materials have changed.

now on to the important stuff.

are we meeting at Mars Cheese Castle or the Brat Stop?

i vote Brat Stop.
The Brat Stop is heavenly place. If you like that spot, then head over to Madison and get a Dirty Harry at Mad Dawgs. Colin should be able to back me up on that one.