I decided to claim a little less last year so I could have a bigger return at the end of it. I have been looking at Strats for a long time, and even owned a MIM for a little while just to plink around on but never was really happy about the sound of it. So, I decided that I would use the nicer return to put money towards something a bit nicer.

So today the FedEx guy dropped this off:

What can it be?

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS! (in Sunset Metallic)

A closer look:

First off I just wanted to say that I was going to go for the standard, but was very much interested in what features the Deluxe brought. I tried a few out and fell instantly in love, especially with the S-1 switching, so paying a few extra for the extra stuff was completely justified. The S-1 switch is just epic, and opens up a whole new palette of tonal options.

The guitar in itself is amazing. It came with a perfect setup out of the box, and everything seemed to be fined tuned just right; even the pickup height. I plugged her into my Blues Deluxe and was pleasantly reminded of what a nice, warm vintage Strat tone sounded like. This was a mission to bring back what my setup was when I first started playing electric, but back then it was a MIM Strat with a Bugera amp. I also wanted a dedicated setup for blues/classic rock, and the Strat has always sounded better to me in those regards.

For those that don't know, the Deluxe brings a few more features that definitely make it stand out from the Standard. String-saver saddles, LSR roller nut, S-1 switch, passing lane switch, contoured heel, compound radius fingerboard, etc. Fender describes it as the Strat for players that "need more", but I think they should just treat it as an upgraded Strat in regards to any other guitar brand.

The guitar feels really comfortable and the neck is truly something to behold. Not exactly sure how they got it that smooth but it feels so nice to play on. With the compound radius, playing a blues lick down on open G and then taking it all the way up the neck feels so much more natural since my wrist tends to curve my fingers the closer to the nut I go. Big +1 to Fender for throwing that in there. Everything else feels like a normal Strat. I don't notice the contoured heel very much, but it might make better for long-term comfort during a gig or something.

The N3 noiseless pickups are (in my opinion) HUGELY improved over the traditional SCN pickups in the older Deluxe models. It definitely retains that bell-like Strat tone but I wouldn't rank it up there with true high quality single coils. Being that I have lots of things where I play most that make single coils go nuts, like flourescent lighting, these were definitely something that I wanted. Very happy with the results. The humbucker is a DH-1, if anybody is interested. Very punchy with a ton of treble, and could honestly use more bass. In the #2 position (bridge/middle) it seems to balance out much better. I plan on replacing that as soon as possible to something a bit softer.

As far as the electronics go, it's a lot to talk about. The S-1 switch basically puts the guitar in "Mode 2" where all of the 5 positions do something different as far as polarity and grouping is concerned. The passing lane switch puts the guitar on the bridge position and bypasses all of the tone circuits to really give you an open, untouched sound. It gets significantly louder, like it's almost a gain boost but not. I honestly haven't messed with it that much, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

All in all, she performs beautifully. I can't get over enough just how beautiful she is, and she sings just as well. I recommend any Strat fan at least try one out and see what kind of options it can bring you.

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Very nice. HNGD. I'm looking at replacing my MiM Fenders down the line. I'll have to take another look at the Deluxe series.
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Good shit man.

Too bad it's a HSS.
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Incredibly sexy guitar! Really like the fat strat setup, I'm sure the neck feels like sex too!

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No Floyd, so no superstrat, which means it's poopy.
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congrats! Thats a beautiful finish. Looks very similar to my strat, but without the humbucker. I own a sienna burst strat with a maple neck.
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So pretty.

Lovely finish that. Looks a like a keeper!

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very nice
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No Floyd, so no superstrat, which means it's poopy.

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Yes I was rude, and I was aggressive and I was offending a large group of people. But I was civlized about it.

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