Hey guys, When ever I strum on my acoustic guitar and then a put my hand over the sound hole to stop the sound it makes a quiet ringing noise ? Is this normal because the strings are steel ? When I do the hand thing the strings aren't touching the fret board. Could this be pinch harmonics on an acoustic guitar?It has a similar squeal sound as the electric guitar pinch harmonics but it is not as noticeable. Thanks in advance !

Note : I do not mean palm muting
I don't think anybody vaguest idea what the heck you're talking about. Hence the reason you haven't received any answers.

For the record, a "pinch harmonic", is created when you actually "pinch" a string.

This would be between the pick and middle finger, at a point on the neck that is prone to harmonic production. Most notably at the 5th, 7th, & 12th frets. Those fret numbers are also relative to a capo. With a capo on the 2nd fret, the octave harmonic point would be at the 12th fret from the capo, or the 14th fret in actuality.

You mute the string between said pick and middle finger, and then basically snap your fingers.

An acoustic guitar will produce "pinch harmonics", but obviously not at the intensity of an electric in a high gain situation.

You're describing "hovering" your hand over the strings, over the sound hole...

You can also get the effect with fingers only, should you be so inclined.
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maybe you dropped your cell phone in? Kidding! I know with nylon string I can get the wind at the beach here to make it sing by itself. maybe you can work it into a song. Sounds like you have a very resonant guitar. I wouldn't worry about it. Could do a palm mute if you want to stop the sound... anywhere on the strings is fine ya know.