Hey I'm 20 years old and I just started playing guitar and I've never had any singing lessons how ever I have always sang to my self. (in the shower lol, in the car, in my room ect.) and i try to sing along with music have the time and sing solo half the time. I thought I had a good voice because others say they like my voice but ever sense I got my guitar I've wanted to post covers so I recorded my self doing Homeboy by Eric Church (I sing country) I tried to give it all I had but I wasn't a big fan of how I sounded at all, I thought it was nasily and whiny but I posted it any ways based on what other people have told me. I'll post my link below and if anybody could will you watch it and tell me what you think I'm doing wrong? PS: I started doing morning warm ups and vocal exercises but IDK if I'm doing the right things :/..

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Your guitar playing needs some work, but you are a noob.

Also, you need to use an actual mic next time.
As already said, the guitar playing needs some work, but that'll come with practice.

I think the same thing can be said about your singing. I thought your voice sounded good and very well suited to the style. I think the big thing is working on cleaning up the when you do runs of notes. Keep practicing and I think you will do well
Your voice sounds ok. It is a bit nasally and whiny as you said but not when you're talking. So if you don't want it to sound nasal then don't make it nasal.
Your sense of pitch is pretty good, especially for someone with no training at all.

Just a tip, make sure that when you take a breath, you breathe from your stomach, not your chest/shoulders which is what it l think you're doing, not quite sure. That way, you can take in more air allowing you to sing louder and with better tone.

On the whole, just keep playing and singing, it'll come, you're already off to a decent start.
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Your pitch and tone are both good. But, I'd say you should lighten up on the country twang if it can be helped. If I didn't hear you talk beforehand, I would think you were making fun of the accent because it's so intense.