Made this little track with a midi. Let me know what you think of it, and leave a link to your latest track so I can give you some feedback too

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Nice sound. I would bring the strings even more forward, maybe put some reverb on the keys. If you'd make this more atmospheric, it would be even better I think. I love the last few seconds.
But it's pretty good as it is.

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I like the intro. It kind of has a I'm down but I'm coming back up feel to it, if that makes sense. Bass drum comes in smoothly and sits in rather well. The Lil B sample was rather nice and fit in better than I thought it would. I'd work on the piano part that follows it though, variety is nice, yes, but I don't think it fit too well in the way you did it. It just didn't follow the overall mood of the song.

Besides that, its pretty good and would make either a great interlude or end to an album.

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