I'm considering modding my Peavey classic 50 combo amp. I have previously done a couple of simple pedal mods, and a few guitars, so it's not gonna be a problem to do the mod.

I'm gonna start with an Overdrive "Channel input mod", which involves changing only one cap. If this mod goes well, I'm also gonna do a tone cap mod.

So here's my question:
On the mod page, they recommend using a "820 pF Silver Mica Cap", and the problem is that Silver Mica Caps are kind of hard to get in Norway. Is it worth spending way to much money on shipping, or can i do the mod with a local brand cap? Still using the same value and specifications on the cap, (820 pF 500V), only different brand.

Link to mod page:

Link to cap for local brand:

Please only reply if you actually have some valid information, or at least something that can help me
I have done this mod and several others on my own C50 combo and would say that it is certainly worth doing, as it did help the harshness and lack of low end on my drive channel. I used the silver mica cap, but really the moat important thing is the change in value of the cap, not necessarily the composition. If you like the change and wish to experiment further, then you may want to get the silver mica cap, but it isn't necessary. I would also recommend trying different preamp tubes to smooth out the sound, as they can make a great difference in the overall sound of the amp.
I have replaced the tubes once, with "Ruby Tubes 12AX7 (JJ), Tesla Fase"

And today i got an 12AT7 and replaced the V1 preamp tube, which results in less gain, and a bit more bottom end. I haven't gotten around play that much with it, but i really dig it so far. And with an overdrive pedal i got all the gain i need.

I also ordered the capacitor for the mod. I'm gonna record a before and after sound clip too hear the actual difference, when i get around to doing the mod.
I'd love to hear it! If I had some recording equipment that was worth a shit I would put up some clips of the old girl, so you'd have some idea of what it will sound like after its been heavily modded. I have:

- retubed with JJ power tubes and swapped in a mix of NOS RCA grey plate in V1, Magnavox long plate in V2, and JJ ECC83S in V3.

- done all circuit mods listed on the Blue Guitar page in your link

- replaced the speakers with Eminence Wizards

- Replaced the power light lens with a Mesa style blue lens, for shits and giggles

I love them amp and doubt I'll ever part with it. Good luck with yours!