Greetings old chaps, I wrote a splendid noise track for you! Blimey! (turn up volume for maximum effect)


C4C, of course!

Also check out this experimental indie track I finished yesterday: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1591294
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That riff you got going in the beginning is pretty badass. It almost reminds me of the Liars, not sure how you got that tone but it sounds really nice. I think that little pause @ like 15 seconds into the song ruins the flow. You should just transition right into the other sounds instead of having a short pause. The panning of the drums is pretty cool you have going on.
I understand what you were going for at 2:10 with that little vocal only thing but I don't think it really worked well here. It was way too big of a dropout, maybe if the vocals were turned up or if they were more present before it would have worked.

I like this piece a good bit. It reminds me of Scott Pilgram and has a nice video game-y vibe to it. You have some really nice tones throughout the song too.

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