Just curious, but are their any actually certified music teachers or students who will be endorsed in Music Education who participate in this section of the forum?
I don't know what "Certified Student" means but I'm currently studying Advanced Higher Music and going on to HNC in college.
Certified meaning you can go to a school and teach music. You have the state certificate to teach or whatever equivalent there is in other countries
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I'm currently studying Advanced Higher Music and going on to HNC in college.

I did both of these things.
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Not to imply that I did well at either, of course.
I'm currently studying a dual in business and The creative industries with a major in music.
I was doing a education course at uni. Wanted to be a music teacher.
After my first placement I decided it wasn't right for me, to much bullshit involved and I hate kids.
what you mean for too much bullshit? You mean boring subjects? I was thinking to go for an education course, but not too sure.
There's a lot of bureaucracy in education, at least in the US. I can understand why someone wouldn't want to wade through it.
Ed majors have to do a lot of shit too. All those ped classes. And theres a new wave of practice going throughout the US, and in my opinion it's turning it away from the musical aspect of it. Recently in some music programs they've switched to a new way of study that includes the addition of a new class called Musicianship. They took away individual theory and AS classes and mixed it together with Piano 1 and thats it. And its filled with a bunch of like...expressive inner soul shit and I've heard of assignments that involve taking colored pencils and "drawing" what you hear. It's a complete waste of time and apparently thats what a lot of Music Ed programs are starting to shape towards. They just assume everyone is going to teach elementary school, or younger.
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