So I just bought an OFR for my custom guitar that i bought online from someone and when i went to put the bridge on, it didn't fit the old mounting studs. So after about an hour, I finally got both of the old studs out but now I can't get the new ones in. They are the same length but slightly thicker than the old studs. Should I just dremmel the holes a little to make it possible to get the pegs in? I don't wanna risk making the holes too big and having to go the epoxy route.
I wouldn't. The mounting studs have to be very precisely placed or you risk all kinds of intonation and tuning issues, not to mention making the holes too large and the inserts pulling out of the body. I would take it to a tech and have the holes properly reamed on a drill press and the new inserts installed. It shouldn't cost too much and it would be good peace of mind to know that it was done correctly.
So long as the spacing is the same you don't need to fill the holes before drilling.

I had the same issue when i fitted an OFR to my RR3. You will need to drill out the holes a little using the correct size drill bit, which i think is a 10mm although don't hold me to that! Look it up on the FR website. Just take your time and slowly bore the holes to the correct diameter then firmly push in the new studs.

Don't use a hammer, that might crack the wood. Instead you could do what i did and use a scrap piece of wood to apply an even and firm pressure to the studs to drive them in. Most importantly, just take your time.

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Usually the threads are the same. You could just put the new screws in the old studs.

Depends, sometimes the threads are massively different, which was the case when i swapped out my JT580lp for an OFR. The OFR thread was much finer.
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I got the studs in. I don't really know if they are in right though. I'm having horrific intonation issues but I was having those problems before I switched out the studs/ bridge.
So long as the posts stand perpendicular to the guitar body and the inserts are pretty much flush then they should be fine. As for the intonation issues, that's harder to diagnose, especially if it was present before.