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It's good to see people on the forums helping each other out. If you could give my band Viscerally Scarred a quick review i'd appreciate it (Full album is available for free download for the next week)


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Thats how it is in everything you do. Success is often based on who you know and how high up the people you know can effect. Kudos for that much experience by the way

Hi, this is my band. It's bilingual english/french and our first album, Greatest Hits, just came out! I would really enjoy if you could rate it even though it's not metal or hard rock. Thank You!


Play until she breaks up with you.

The most brutal band to ever exist is...

You should go like them...even if you don't like them.

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I see you've been reviewing these bands it looks really awesome! If you could, I'd appreciate it if you checked out my band, Go By Night. We play alternative/punk.


The first six songs are from our EP that we just did ourselves. It was our first time recording, so there are mistakes around, but we've pretty much learned from that experience now.
Here's our band

"Oh Man! Oh God! is an all Filipino metal band that plays aggressive metal mixed w/ the technicalities of progressive music and the dreaded facets of death metal."

We'll be back in studio this April to finally finish our record!

our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/OMOGofficial

Listen to one of our tracks here:
Elizabeth Bathory - Blood and Vengeance

thanks a lot!
My bands first demo.


My bands facebook page.

Just finished our first gig. Here is also a live cover from the first gig whole lotta rosie.


Let us know what you think.
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Hey V, i cant get the songs to run off that sight for some reason so if theres anything else on another sight that u want me to check out i will

Hey, yeah there's a few tracks on youtube. Sorry for late response, I didn't notice there were responses to the thread.

I'll just share the playlist

snakebyte sounds like they could be pretty catchy if some parts are tightened up (i realize it's just a demo) and i'm not super into metal but it sounds like netherland could be something people like as well
"I like anything but country and rap" - work on that and find the stuff that isn't the mainstream shite, because you're seriously limiting yourself. Mine's in my sig, if you're interested. The cover with dirt/leaves (Salt) is probably the best one to listen to, though it's not that good. drone folk/blues/spoken word
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