I'm a big fan of zeppelin, the who, and tame impala when it comes to drums. I want to know what it would sound like with drums over this, and since I don't have a single friend who actually plays drums atm, the only way I can get help is through the internet.
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I dunno man, you sort of go off beat and slow down for a bit, and your beat fluctuates a little bit too much. I mean if it was a tempo change, it would be different, but it just slows down a bit and goes off beat.

Otherwise, I'd try and do something for you, but the recording would be hard to work with
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Yeah Skyler is right, the timings a bit off in places. If you could get it to a metronome it would be fine to work with though.
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Will have a go and get back to you
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Been doing my fair share of Bonham takes for clients before, so feel free to browse my site to get further info. No Bonhamesqe drumming there though (yet) I'm afraid...
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