Hello all. I'm a long time user of UG but this is my first contribution to the forum.

In my country there is a competition on a rock -radio station. I have to figure out from what rock song this 1 second clip is, which can be found from here


I just cant figure it out and now i'm asking for the UG -communitys help, if someone would recognize it. It's only one second long, so its kind of hard, but It is from a well known rock song.. from a rock song that a rock station plays. I have tried to crack the song for days... and still don't get it, even though it sounds really familiar.

Also, if someone has any ideas how I could crack what song it is, please let me know! This would be much appreciated and all ideas/information will be good!=) thank in advance!
Might I suggest Iron Maiden, although I do not know the song, it just sounds like 'em.
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Ok, thanks! I'm gonna try to look that out.. that spesifically sukcs that it's hard to recognize which genre it is.. if it would obviously sound like an 80s haird band it would narrow ALOT of stuff down.. the earlier clip was a lot more easier (foo fighters)