For a while i have been wondering weather it's possible to actually build a guitar from scratch. I was thinking of a Les Paul Jr style. How would i go about this? what kind of wood to use? what tools do i need? where can i get the parts?
many thanks in advance
It's entirely possible, and I'm sure that you're capable!

Here are a few questions to get the ball rolling:
Do you have any woodworking experience?
What's your price limit?
Do you have any tools?
Which country are you in?
What tone do you want from your guitar? Gibson would use a mahogany body, mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard, but the choice is yours.
I'm in the planning stages of my first "from scratch" build and no only is it possible but it can be a pretty simple process if you know what you are doing and pick the right parts. I'm going on the more difficult side of things though with a neck through custom shape guitar. It'll be mahogany in the neck and body with an ebony fretboard. The pickups will be a Seymour Duncan Antiquity humbucker of some sort in the bridge and a p90 in the neck. I'll have a floyd rose installed and plan on doing custom etching and inlaying as well. Overall a fun but certainly not easy project.

What you'll find out early is that these sorts of projects cost a lot of money if you want something of good quality and time is a huge investment as well. My budget conservatively for this is about 1500 to 2000. Thats how it goes for anything hand built if you don't want basswood with dirt cheap pick ups and a bolt on neck. This choice is yours on how possible it is. My advise to you is do a TON of research. Figure out your prices on every single part and tool involved and see if you still want to do it then start simple. Don't do what i'm doing. I am an overachiever and OCD and plan on sinking 2000 and a summers worth of work into this.

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