Dear Experts,

Can anyone tell me what type of barre chords he is playing in this recording. I am a relatively beginner player and don't recognize this barre chord shape and can't tell for sure if he's playing the low E as he uses that "unusual" shape.

Thank you!
He is playing Z phrygian sextatonic minor, with augmented C septa. You're welcome.
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The chord after the A is an open B7 chord shape that he moves up and down the fretboard. The b string you can played muted for those chords or let it ring for a different flavour.
He's using barre chords and some jazz fingerings. The jazz fingerings aren't barre chords, but they are moveable chord shapes.

I would not classify them as "open" since they don't actually have unfretted strings being played. They are referred to as moveable.
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^^ The B7 has an open b string played hence why its an open B7 chord shape. It is also a movable shape as well.

Glad I could help microguy.