I'm looking for for an intermediate level jazz guitar book. I know basic chordal theory, can read standard notation, etc, but have idea what kind of book would be appropriate. This would be used to help guide instruction in private instrument lessons.

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Look through some Jamey Aebersold books at a music store (Sam Ash carries a lot of them) and then take your pick. I haven't heard much about any other specific person or book other than Jamey Aebersold when it comes to Jazz
Hi it depends on what you want to focus. If it is sight reading, improvisation, technique or chords. I suggest you look at How to Improvise by Hal Crook if you want to look at improvisation, it is mainly a book for all instruments but really useful in developing specific concepts. For sight reading the 123 methods by berklee and just read standards from the Real Book or solos. There are some good books for chords and chord melody and I don´t know about a book for technique.

hope it helps.
Love the How to Improv book!

Definitely get a Real Book, it's not an educational book in the sense that there's things to learn, its just reading charts, but playing is all the education you need.

Look into the Barry Galbraith series from Aebersold
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