i did a quick search and nothing jumped out at me.

i'm after some backing tracks just wondering where the best place is to get them, prefferably free.

the first one i am after is gimme shelter, i want to play mick taylor's part so i would like it to have drums, bass, keithy and keyboard going no vocals or lead.

cowboys from hell backing track would be good aswell.

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There are lots of backing tracks on youtube. guitarbt.com is also a good option, though idk if they have what you're looking for.
If you are looking for something simply to play along with, I would personally suggest playing to drum tracks (which there are more of them than backing tracks)
drum tracks would be alright for certain songs.

but seeing as gimme shelter the song is very rythm guitar driven all of the backing tracks have got the lead playing but not just rythm playing.

what people want to be like keith richards?

and just playing over the top of the song is not what im after either.
heres another playlist thatd be cool to check out. i didnt make it, but I use it a hell of alot.


heres one backing track I just found and its damn amazing. My Only Son by Neil Zaza.


odds are if theres a backing track for a song, youll find it on youtube.

if there isnt, you might try to check out jammit or riffstation.
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