i've been messing around with putting some ideas together for an album. here is one of the less obscure tracks.. its being cut up and edited relentlessly so there's like just some completely separate parts right now but i would love some feedback.

what do you guys think? it's very much my own style, but is the material itself worth pursuing?

(note: i recently transposed and saved it by accident and had to transpose back down so all the fingering is wacky, i've fixed some of it)
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Its certainly complex and definitely proggy but.. it sounds like it'd be best done as an electronic song for some modern japanese anime. Like, its really cheesy. Unintentionally, sure, but its definitely not something I'd turn into a metal song.

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totally not unintentionally cheesy, i consistently use major keys and things like that because i like to, that's sort of what i do. i appreciate your input, absolutely, but i'm not "turning it into" any genre of music. the way i do music is just to do it, lol. soon, every type of music will be cheesy anyway.. and when i track this stuff, it won't be MIDI jazz guitars lol, i generally use a more rounded hi-gain tone with the drive up just enough plus cleans and i get like a really unique mix of major keys with the high-energy drum sound think!

edit: i mean, basically it doesn't really matter what it's "for," that's the fun part (hearing peoples ideas about "oh, hey that sounds like..!") but i'm more interested to know if you feel that the structure and progressions "work" as music for enjoyment lol, regardless of it being a "metal song" or not.
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I quite like it. I enjoy hearing people doing kind of crazy up-beat sort of stuff, since so much prog/post-rock stuff is obsessively minor. I would love to hear it done with some actual instruments.
The thread title had me on the edge a bit, since I didn't really know if it was gonna work out. Then that tasty intro hit me and I was hooked . Really like it. The next melodic riff is great, really like how intricate you get with time sigs and transitions. The drums are really good too, having great spastic moments and holding a solid groove thoroughly. The fretless bass has some tasty riffs too, and I hope a recording of this has one too. The riffs are a bit too happy and uplifting for my particular taste, but I honestly don't find them that cheesy. Shure, the progression isn't the most original ever, but it still sounds great so what the hell. The whole spastic nature of the song is reall interesting because it makes the intertwining melodies and different riffs flow very well into each other, and manage to keep the more technical bits less fleshed out if that makes any sense: what I'm saying is that there isn't any technicallity for the sake of it, yaknow. The synth sound good too. I particularly like the progression starting at 20, and I really like the transition at 41/42. 42 on felt a bit too djent-y for my taste, but it could work out in the song. The bass riffs and lead work gets really good from 53 on, really dig the basswork here. I really like 65/66, and i hope you devote one section to that riff, really cool. The next one is also good but those two bars, god darnet. Overall, pretty solid. 8/10

EDIT: You can choose a song to crit back, or do both if you want to, I won't stop you .
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