Just saw a guitar online, and i think I may have fallen in love. It seems to be exactly the guitar I'd want, and I think I love it, and I think I need it.

Its the Schecter Tempest Special with p90s in TV Yellow.

Ive looked all over the place, but I can't find it annyyywheeerreeee! I saw one on ebay that was pre-order, so that would suggest it wasn't out yet, but then Ive seen people saying they have one? Sup with that?

I play a lot of metal guitar in a band, and when Im playing with them I use my Gibson Les Paul with p90s... Would this guitar suit metal?

Id love any info or opinions
I have a Schecter Tempest Standard. It's a nice guitar. Not oustanding, but I like it. You could get away with metal on it, with the right amp. I'd get the Custom. P90s wouldn't strike me as a great for metal, but hey, if it works and you like it then who am I to question? A lot of people bash Schecter but I like them.

Concerning the pre-order stuff, it may be that they were out of stock and the store is waiting for a shipment. I don't know. Contact Schecter directly, they'll probably be able to tell you, and direct you to a dealer. Look on their website for emails or something.
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They have them in stock at Drum City Guitar Land for $599. Took me about a second to find .

I couldn't see one yesterday :S might be cause I'm I'm uk