After looking through many, many build threads, I've finally decided to make an attempt on building my own guitar.

I plan on building a tele... primarily for metal

I have extensive experience with power tools and have access to them.

Is my list complete/possible? I understand hardware limitations such as TOM bridges requiring angled necks and so on.

I will make my first attempts on some cheap plywood first but...

My build tops out at $800 (I can go much higher)

-Mahogany/Alder/Basswood Body blank
-Gotoh Humbucker Tele Bridge
-Black dome knob x2
-Guitar String Ferrules
-Neck Mounting Plate/Neck Ferrules + Screws
-Humbucker Mounting Ring Black (Metal or Plastic)
-Black humbucker mounting ring screws x4
-Oval Jack Plate black
-Strap Buttons black
-Strap Button Felt Washers
-Sperzel Tuners
-Duncan Distortion + 59 (Salvaged from old guitar)

-Grain filler if mahogany
-Stain (either from stewmac or local)

I have access to laquer + spray equipment

I have left the neck out because I'm wondering if I should simply order from warmoth and do finish coats on my own. Or build from scratch (depending on difficulty)

Sorry for huge post, because I don't want to be tossing $800+ out of the window
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If you don't mind me asking, where did the $800 figure come from?

Also, have you considered ash?

The price of 800 came from running around ontario (canada) looking for hardware, and wood. Sifting through stewmac, warmoth, allparts + so much much more. resulting in a lowest possible price of 750 but I'll allow up to +$300 as tolerance. It would be a hell lot more if I didn't have guitars to salvage + tools to borrow

Sadly I haven't played many ash guitars in my time, luckily ash is quite plentiful around canada. I'll consider it heavily.
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On my previous builds I've always gone for a salvaged neck, but that's because I don't really have access to the tools to make one myself. I can also see it being extremely time consuming and the slightest mistake could result in having to restart the neck... But that's just my view on it.
Just throwing my two pennies' worth in here, but I'd be tempted to ditch Warmoth and get a neck elsewhere. I'd also find alternatives to the Gotoh and Sperzel hardware. Most of the 'economy' parts are better than people give them credit, as long as you're careful.
don't forget potometers, wiring, pickups, and what not. Also, shipping fee's can get pretty crazy.

And I would do without pickup rings but that's just me.
I dream red.
Oh yeah, the electronics and pots should have been on the list, 2 volume pots, 3 way toggle (it's harder to cut a slot than just a hole)

I can find a bulk of these locally
I'd buy a neck since this is your first build. You probably don't want the project to drag on and you'd need more specialized tools to do a neck well efficiently. Also, if you don't get the neck perfect, then you're gonna hate it.

Good luck.
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