I cant never remember if its a Tremolo or vibrato used in the intro to boulevard of broken dreams. so question one is, which is it?

question two (more importantly) what is a good, inexpensive make of this? (inexpensive but good, i'd consider this to be less than $130 so nothing boutique but something i can walk into guitarcenter and buy)
that is a temolo with a square wave...set pretty intensely. vibrato is a bit more subtle perhaps a bit more like a vibe pedal.

tehy can be very similar with a tremolo set on a very soft wave set light. you can use a trem as a vibrato effect.

for example, a boss tremolo has a way to change wave form and intensity.

boss is a good go to in the 100 range. i preferably went with a lovepedal babyface trem coming in at right around 125.

my lovepedal term has external wave and speed, output and intensity (mix) is internal. many people so not like this pedal for these reasons.
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it's a tremolo, except if your name's leo fender, then it's a vibrato.
fender confused the terms, and called the vibrato/whammy bar a tremolo, and the tremolo effect unit on his amps vibrato. and for some reason we kept it that way, still calling the vibrato on a guitar a tremolo.

tremolo: makes the volume of the signal repeatedly louder-lower-louder-lower. with more intensity you get a chopped up sound like in the intro of boulevard of broken dreams but it's usually used as a slight touch in a lot of country stuff.

vibrato: changes the pitch of the signal repeatedly, just like the vibrato phrasing with your fingers or the whammy bar. pretty similiar to the rotary speaker effect.

I would try the boss tremolo or maybe the Marshal VT-1 which also has an vibrato function.
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The Hardwire Tremolo is slightly above your budget, but if you can stretch I'd highly recommend it.


You can always go used too.
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