I recently submitted a guitar pro tab (tuxguitar) for Bon Jovi - Let it rock because I felt that most of the other already submit tabs had inaccurate guitar solos, as well as wrong drum patterns, bass line. However, it was rejected. I had no way of knowing why because no one left a feedback or anything; I don't know if it was considered duplicate or was it low quality.

However, it definitely should not be duplicate, and I wrote the tab very carefully enough to write all parts of the song spending as much time on the tabs. At least as far as I can see, no offense to the people to submitted the other versions, my tabs were much higher in quality than the others, I do not know why it was rejected. I reviewed my own tab, but it should be a good quality tab.

I felt it was somewhat unfair that I am not allowed to re-submit it for the second time to have it re-reviewed, especially when there is no notes for why it was rejected. I know everyone has life and will have to spend some of their time on reviewing the tabs, but that applies the same for people who makes the tabs as well. I want at least a second chance. As much as I respect the people who reviews these tabs and I trust them all, this time around, I just can't agree when I compare it to the other version of the same song that got accepted despite of lower quality (again, no offense).

What I am suggesting is that I think same tab should be able to submitted twice for review for pending tabs if once rejected and the tab creators feel that it must be some sort of mistake. Since the approval system consists of UG staff and as well as other people who reviewed the tabs, sometimes reviewers are different if submitted the second time and they may have different opinion on the tab. Sometimes once is not enough.

I know I look like I am acting like an ass because I have so much confidence on the quality of my own tab, and I know I am making a request upon my personal experiences that may be irrelevant to other people, an I apologize for that. But I just honestly didn't feel like it was fair.