Hey, thanks for listening to my tracks. I actually remember checking out your tracks about 6 months ago on here. I liked them then and I like them now.

Scorpionfish is a fun song. I like the mysterious vibe it has. You really seem to have a sound honed in, so I don't want to make suggestions that would change your aesthetic. If I remember correctly last time I suggested incorporating some real instruments or at least real instrument samples, but I understand the style you are going for. It's definitely a retro sound that you would find in an 80s movie as the soundtrack.

It's hard for me to make any critiques because I am coming from such a different angle, musically, but it is apparent that you have solid song writing skills and knowledge of music.

Just keep doing what you're doing; it's always fun to listen to and watch the songs progress.
Scorpionfish starts off pretty nice with a dark dancey vibe. The piano part comes in well too, fitting with the mood. Your attempt at female vocals are pretty good too haha. You're really good at capturing that 80s, new-wave feel. Only thing I can really suggest is maybe add another section in there like a bridge or something cause it doesn't really seem to break away from the main part of the song at any point.
Scorpionfish:Im critting this as I listen. I LOVE the intro. I like how it slowly builds up. The vocals on this fit well. The "female" vocal track is actually pretty good too haha. I like the talking vibe to the vocals. I LOVE the Scorpionfish, what is your next wish line. Overall, very well composed. I love everything going on in the track.

How do you feel: Critting as i listen again. I like the quarter note bass drum in the intro. And again how everything builds onto that. Thats one thing ive noticed in your music, it always builds very well. Ur like a master song builder. When the vocals kicked in, my first thought was this is very pink floyd-esque. I dig it. A very trippy song man.

Overall, i really cant say much negative about either of these songs. Ur a master at the style u write, and ur songs are very very VERY well composed. Ive never heard u write a bad song. Loved the 2 songs man. If i had to pick one as a favorite out of the two, I liked scorpionfish better.
Thanks for the feedback!

Scorpionfish - interesting instrumentation/melodies and good job with making the instruments all audible. However the mix feels quite small, it all seems concentrated towards the midrange and higher end. The vocal remind me a lot style-wise of Pet Shop Boys for some reason lol, not really my sorta thing tbh.

How Do You Feel - vocally I preferred this song, much better with the EQ too. The intro could be a bit more concise imo, otherwise structurally and content-wise very good.
thank you for listening to my music. i just loaded a new one... Scorpionfish is really cool.. though i think the vocals should be more done like either phish or les claypool... make it very humorous you know? the song writing though is really good.

how do you feel makes me think of 80's new wave ska lite bands... pretty cool stuff indeed blondie would be proud... I might need your vocals on my industrial project!
I have to agree with everyone about how you really have grasped that 80's feel, quite refreshing really how you have your own spin on it. Over all the two songs are really well produced, it's not my kind of music to be honest however I do quite like how do you feel, something about it draws me in.

Your obviously very good at what you do, nice work!
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I don't usually listen to this kind of electronic music, but Scorpionfish really got my attention, loved the water sound for the intro and these double vocals, fitting very well into the song. Amazing track!
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I liked the water sample in the intro to scorpion fish.

I loved the vocals when they came in. The vocal unison is kind of unnerving in a good way, and the lyrics are great. I love the vibe of this track, its got a certain mysterious, laid back feel thats really cool. Great ideas you have with this

How do you feel:
I like it alot. Kinda funky and very catchy. I wish you'd use a different drum patch though, those midi cymbals are killing me
I don't listen to music like this so i cannot comment a great deal but for sure its interesting. Reminds me of something that 'zoltan' clan would be listening to from Dude wheres my car?
Thanks for listening to my track, Aaron! I liked the intro for Scorpionfish, really cool 80s vibe in that song! I feel the same way about how do you feel, really 80s-ish. Really cool vocals on that track!
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