I notice the EVH 5150 III mini has a preamp out which has me curious about a W/D or W/D/W setup. I've been reading up a bit but it gets confusing quickly and I want to clarify how I'd do that.

Send the signal from the preamp out to my M13, then the output from the M13 to a power amp, and then to some speaker(s)/cab(s)?

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Yea, I like to dick around with it from time to time. If you use the preamp out, you're going to need to run it into a guitar power amp and guitar speakers, else it will sound awful. The preferred method is a line out after the power amp into a FRFR set up. I use a Rivera Rock Crusher and take the signal from the line out there, then run it into various effects into a FRFR power monitor.

One thing to note, set all of your effects at 100% wet and control the mix via the output level. You'll also have to be careful not to overload the inputs or else it will sound awful.
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