I'm just looking for some easy or medium guitar solos, mainly heavy metal. I can't play many solos but I've always wanted to get better at them.
What can you play?
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Even saying heavy metal is pretty vague, but i'll quickly go through my itunes and give you a list of some and i'll rate them how i feel...

Remnants by Disturbed (intermediate) 1:26-2:43

Until the End by Avenged Sevenfold (Beginner - Intermediate). This song has like 4 guitar solo's so it's almost entirely just soloing. I definitely recommend this.

Clairvoyant Disease by Avenged Sevenfold (Beginner) 2:03-2:58

Critical Acclaim by Avenged Sevenfold (beginner - intermediate). One of the first guitar solo's i ever learnt. 3:26-4:23

Gunslinger by Avenged Sevenfold (Beginner) 2:56-3:20

Nothing Else Matters by Metallica (Beginner). that's the first thing most people think of for beginner metal solo's haha. 4:54-5:20

Karma by Parkway Drive (Beginner-Intermediate). Only issue is it's in drop A BUT it can be played in standard. 2:14-3:00

The Count of Tuscany by Dream Theater (Intermediate). ****ing AMAZING solo's. The solo at the start is easier than the solo at the end. I imagine it might be a bit difficult for you though but i have no idea how accomplished you are with metal soloing. 0:29-0:59

I Used to Make Out with Medusa by Bring me the Horizon (Intermediate) 2:41-3:15
Liquor and Love Lost by Bring me the Horizon (Intermediate)
Both the solo's i'd recommend if you're capable of playing them. They're easier than they sound. 0:50-1:29

Ever Dream by Nightwish (Beginner) 2:53-3:21

Astral Romance by Nightwish (Beginner-Intermediate) 4:00 - 4:53

In Waves by Trivium (Beginner-Intermediate) 1:55-2:21 and 2:34-2:58
It has 2 solo's if i recall, and both are quite nice.

Sanitarium by Metallica (Beginner- Intermediate)
This song you definitely have to check out. There's like 4 guitar solo's ranging from beginner to intermediate.

Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold (Beginner-) 2:49-3:33

Chapter Four by Avenged Sevenfold (Beginner-Intermediate). Try this 100% for sure if you want to challenge your bending / vibrato. It's one of the first solo's i ever learnt. Infact i really really hope you dig it and try it. I haven't played it in 3 or so years but i remember very well learning it. It is a pain in the ass. But in a good way.


EDIT: I've even gone to the trouble of listing the times the solo's start :P
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Cant speak for any of these solo's above since i dont like any of the bands except nightwish. But really anything by Metallica is in the Beginner/Intermediate spectrum. Yes even the "One" solo isnt that difficult when slowed down a bit.

Some other bands to check out are "Down" and "Corrosion Of Conformity" all there solos are blues based. Very simple and based around one scale. All there albums are cool.
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Really the only solos I can play are a Troy Stetina - Open fire, Bin Jovi - you give love a bad name, and Ace Frehely - Rip it out.