I sold my JVM cause it was an overkill for me. I'm more of a purist.
The Crunch Orange and Red which is a JCM800 sounding one was great anyway.

So I'm currently looking for a lower wattage amp for practise _only_ .
A JCM800-ish amp with one channel. It just need enough gain for classic heavy metal.
Got a Maxon OD808 for boost if needed. I mostly play Stoner Rock/Metal.

My first thought was the JCM1, but it's pretty expensive.

Would the OR15H be a good choice and do you have any other suggestions?
The or15 isn't very Marshally because, unsurprisingly, it sounds like an Orange.

A proper little kick ass vintage Orange at that, I love it, it's one of my favourite amps at the moment, would love to be able to afford one, working in a guitar shop I can play on it whenever I want doesn't ease the GAS any either.

It's a proper vintage British crunch sound and will probably do what you want without any effort.
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Quote by resum
I mostly play Stoner Rock/Metal.

Then you need an Orange. The Tiny Terror series is awesome if you have access to a cab in your practice space.

I already own the OR15 since ~two weeks. Killer tone!
Love this amp so much.
I much prefer the OR15 over the Tiny Terror. It sounds fatter and less fizzy.
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