A while ago I posted a question on if Warwick's were unreliable or I'd just been unlucky with mine (conclusion being the German ones were great but the Chinese made ones not always). Having had the input jack replaced a 3rd time, a fellow bass player has pointed out my cable is probably to blame.

I'm using an old Stagg brand cable I've had 5 years (most of my cables have not lasted more than a year, so have been pleased with this one), and it has some ridges on the top of the jack to keep it secure in the jack (see below image.) I think this is what is causing the problem- when I pull the cable out it is yanking on the jacks and causing them to wear out/ come loose in the body.

The jacks have been picky though, they seem to work better with the more expensive cables where the jacks are slightly thicker. Currently this is the only cable the bass works with!

Could someone please recommend a good quality instrument cable, so when I get the jack replaced that should be it (no more being ripped out!)

Previously I would have sworn by Stagg cables, but not any more!



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I use mogami and monster cables. Mainly monster cables and maybe I'm just a sucker for life time warranties. I never had anything bad to say about either. I've never had such a problem that you are describing. Is it messing the input jack up from you just normally removing your lead from the instrument or do you step on your lead when you are playing a lot?
If you're handy with the soldering iron you can build your own high quality cables for a good price. I bought gepco instrument cable and neutrik plugs from redco audio.
Neutrik plugs work fine for me. And make sure you have a quality jack in your bass like an aftermarket switchcraft; I've never heard of a jack failing so much so make sure it's being installed correctly as well.

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Use monsters as well, they are hella expensive but are a quality cable all in all. If your looking for suggestions there is about 20 threads about what type of cables to get and their pros\cons.
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Been using Fender Koilkord on a peavey with a similar issue, works fine.
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The 'Jack' is the 'socket' into which you insert a 'Jack Plug'.
I always thread my cable/cord/lead through my strap before plugging the in jack plug in.
At the amp end I run the lead through the amplifier handle.
I don't get through many leads, in fact until about ten years ago I was still using a lead with the original Jack Plugs on that I'd had made up in Nicosia Cyprus way back in 1966.
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If you're constantly having to replace jack plugs and cables, maybe you're doing something wrong when plugging them in, or knocking them when they are plugged in or something?

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I think it's when I'm removing the jack rather than standing on it. I'm sure it's those ridges, the cable feels much snugger than any other cable I've used. You can feel some resistance as you pull the cable out.

I've been using Neutrix jacks as replacements, so should be good quality.

Thanks for the feedback, will look into monster brand cables I think
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