Here's a seemingly daft question, but its causing me irritation.

When practising with headphones the cable gets in the way.

If loose it hangs across the strings in front of me.
If I put it behind the guitar the cable gets caught and then pulls on my head as I look up and down at music/strings etc. (This I find really irritating when I'm struggling with some new riff and really concentrating and the next thing is you head's being pulled back by the caught up headphone cable.)

I have also tried hanging the cable behind me, tricky to put on and then still catches on my neck or chair when I look right and left.

I know this is a whinge, but just trying to describe my hassle.

I do have a pair of wireless headphones – Senheisser something or others – a bit hi fi, fairly high end, and I don't really like belting my heavy metal through them.

So what do the pro's do in recording studios etc when they are using headphone. Do I tape the lead to my shoulder strap, or the jack plug..

Suggestions anyone. Thank you in advance.

This has been prompted by getting a Korg Pandora Mini last night – Just great for practising, and easy to use with headphones – Only I need to make the headphones easy too.
I put the headphones on first then I put my guitar strap over my headphones, that way the cord sits underneath the guitar and is out of the way.

I don't play with headphones on while standing, so wireless may be your best option in this regard. And your wireless headphones should be fine to belt heavy metal through as long as the volume is at a reasonable level.
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Stick the cable down your shirt.
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Just use the wireless headphones

If you're only using a Pandora Mini, it's not like you're going to be losing any awesome tone, it'll sound as good as it can sound through any headphones.
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Stick the cable down your shirt.

I shall have to invest in some black T shirts.
I like this idea -
My wife will wonder what I'm doing as I grope around trying to fing the loose end of the cable when I'm setting up!
If I sit down (and don't use a strap) I have the cable over my left shoulder (because my cable is on the left hand side of my headphones) and under my chair, between my legs to my input.

When I play standing up, I have it over my shoulder, under my strap and going to my input jack via my right side, so it doesn't get in the way of my guitar.

The easiest option is to have it go down your shirt on the backside, in my opinion, but that's too much of a hassle to me.
I just put it down my back, coiled in a way as to have slack.
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Use a cable clip to hold the cable to your shirt around the back of your neck. If you don't have that then a piece of tape will do just fine. Leave a little room so you can turn your head without pulling it.

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Quote by Eppicurt
Stick the cable down your shirt.

it works very well i dont even use headphpone anymore nless the cable is in my shirt the cotton protects the tone

all kidding aside yeah this
If sitting down bring the cable under the guitar so the guitar is resting on it and then make sure you have enough slack and you'll be set
+1 for wireless headphones. I got a set for Rocksmith and now I want a set that I can just plug into an amp!
Thank you for all the suggestions, scuse my delay on feedback – very busy sorting out a diminished minor with a sharpened F.

The lead down the T shirt seems to work.
I realise that I need a long headphone lead, so now I connect to an extension lead for the headphones.

Incidentally a great combination has been the use of Moshi headhones – little hook over the ear buds – ie not in ear. With the Pandora. The sound is great for a $7-10 pair of phones and very light. My head does not get sweaty from full headphones. (This is an Aussie tip, check out Woollies stationery section!!!!!) I think Senheisser (http://www.headphone-china.com/products/Sennheiser-Ear-Hook-Headphone-OMX-80-1024866.html)and Bose make similar for 10 – 15 times the price (and probably much better but I don't fret when I break 'em) Moshi http://www.moshielectronics.com/au/catalogue/headphones/moshi-sports---black

And they are about $7 in Woolies I seem to remember, but can only see them priced at $14 on the net.

The trick has been, down the T shirt and a lead as long as the guitar jack plug.

Thank you everyone, practice is much more relaxing now.