Hey guys I'm Lennon. I am the head of the Georgetown, Kentucky punk band Wonder Stuff Charlatans. Well technically I'm currently the only member. Im kinda nine inch nails'ing it until I get get a full solidified band. I play guitar, bass, drums, I dabble in piano and I sing. The bands I'm really influenced by are the 90's bay area punk bands. Green Day, Blink 182, Rancid, the Offspring, and AFI. I have a Facebook page. Wonder Stuff Charlatans (of course) but heres what i need from you people. I'm thinking about holding a contest. I need a logo. I'd like something more than the name in fancy letters, I'd like something with like a dead smiley (Blink 182 or Nirvana) or some kind of skull (the Offspring or the new Green Day) so yeah. When you get something drawn up, email it to the harlekwin @ gmail .com (no spaces) and the winner will be made as my bands profile picture on both here and Facebook. All entries will be posted on the bands page. Thank you.
Ok. So I've got an idea for the logo. Now i just gotta see who can do it the best. If youre interested, friend and/or message me.