Peavey, fender, pedals, ultimate attenuator. u.s preferably unless you pay shipping

Hi guys I have some gear I am trying to sell in order to buy a new rig(new blackstar amp and orange cab)

I have a peavey 6534+ head for sale.
Blonde fender super sonic 22 1x12 combo.
ultimate attenuator.
boss ml-2.
fulltone ocd
zoom g2
emg set 81/85
and duncan slash pups.
all prices are obo. peavey 1050 shipped. super sonic 875 shipped. ultimate attenuator 425 shipped. ml-2 75. ocd 110. zoom 80. emg 100.
bump. if you buy the attenuator, peavey and super sonic ill do 2000+shipping.
bump, ocd sold, zoom sold, supersonic sold. if someones really interested ill do 900 shipped peavey