What is a "rolled" neck? Can someone post a photo comparing a rolled neck and a non-rolled neck?

What does it mean to say the frets are dressed better on an American Fender? Can someone post a photo comparing good fret dressing against cheaper non-dressing frets?

Thank you. I am here to learn all I can.
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regarding frets, http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-3545tUsAblw/UCsLm6w1o3I/AAAAAAAAHXw/TdMwW1XatHw/s1600/frets+collage.jpg

Notice how the one on the right is clean and uniform, while the one on the left is chipped and ugly? Dressing of the frets makes sure they're uniform and don't wear out as easy.
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I believe " hand rolled neck" is just a term invented by fender referring the hand-rounded edges of the stratocaster and telecaster fretboards. it just means they take extra care to make it nice an smoothly rounded to fit your hand. if you've ever played like a jackson, ibanez, or even gibson, the fretboard edges are usually sharp angles in comparison.
honestly it doesn't make a hugely noticable difference.
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