Why didn't you post the entire track? Just teasing us eh? LOL
You ever heard of Greg Howe? He was a shredder guitar player on the Shrapnel label along with Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Paul Gilbert, etc.
Well, at the 0:36 mark, Greg Howe sprung into my mind. Not just the playing, but the guitar tone as well. And the chord progression there too. Not so much the double kick drum though.

Overall, it sounds solid--mix wise. Would like to hear more....

Could you go to my thread and add a comment there, mine is a fairly short clip too:
Mix sounded good, nothing really wrong. Really liked the kick, and the lead tone for the sweeps at the end was perfect for a progressive/ambient little part.

Song wise it was pretty good, the intro definitely catches attention, but towards the end of the song the pattern didn't change up much. Being progressive that works, but i definitely recomend spending a lot of time with the drums. Sometimes you can keep the same riff, change the drums and it COMPLETELY changes the whole feel of the riff as if it were new, from a new point of view almost. Try some polyryhthms on a ride/crash or something:P Aside from that i'm interested in the full song, i'll definitely keep my eye on your soundcloud\m/

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I like the ominous intro. The tone of the guitar is sick! Really heavy. Good taste in effects for the lead part. The sweeps are really smooth and sound great. Any influence from Born of Osiris? I like it! The recording quality was well done as well. Please post the rest of the song!


This isn't the same genre of metal, but hopefully you'll like it and you could give me some pointers on it?