I have some weed but nothing to smoke out of. I don't have any sockets either. Please suggest something for me, but nothing too crazy, I'm too lazy to Macgyver anything thats going to take a lot of time. And please do not suggest anything tin foil or aluminum foil related. You lose if you suggest smoking out of a crushed soda can.


Or just make some edibles dude.

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trumpet mouthpiece
Easily the best piece to use for the bowl in a home-made bong/waterfall/grav/etc.
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Shut this bad boy down, we have a winner. Thank you, food1010.

I cant believe I forgot about apples.
You should just inject the weed needle into your arm

Injection gets it into your blood faster than smoking.
In addition to the apple, potatoes work well too
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hot-knife it?
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hot-knife it?

Ricky, I can't do the hot-knives, they tear the throat outta me.
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In addition to the apple, potatoes work well too

lol, we do this at work all the time. I named it a pot-tato.
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I have some weed

Excuse me while I present the authorities with this evidence that you are (more than likely, unless you are in a state where it is legal) doing illegal drugs.

Haha, serves you right ya big dumb doped up herp derp. Hahaha.
Better run, bro.

v Darnit. So he is.
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get two stainless steel knives and heat them hot and close them on a nug and suck in the vapor/smoke.
Do you have an empty drinks can or an empty plastic bottle laying around? Because you can make a pretty decent pipe out of either of those with minimum effort.... then there's always the 'hot knives' method.
yee make a bong using a piece of hose pipe, a plastic bottle and a marker pen ( need a metal/aluminum one) just cut the pen near the tip at what ever size you want your bowl and then just squeeze that baby into the pipe. enjoy...
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You are a sick man, Riley.
go to a local flea market and buy a one hitter

buy the cheap shit
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This tea store I went to a few years ago had these recycled paper straws. They worked pretty well actually. You'd have to let them sit in water for like a full day for them to starts softening though. I don't know, google paper straws or something?

Or just not be a commie pot smoking hippie?/flameshield/mirror