we all know bob dylan right?
i can play many bob dylan songs and i personally like them...he has not got the best voice but he good songwriter but what contuie to suprise me that he only use 6 chords.
Same as woodie gunthrie who is also a folk singer and presume there many more.
but why are these songs so simple but yet sound better than what they are.
he does disguise his music with fingerpicking amazing lyrics and harmonica riffs but why are they so simple chords.
is it the folk music at the time that they only used open chords?
or is it that he wanted to keep it relative simple so that it would be easier to work with as well as singing and doing harmonica riffs?
i would like to see some ideas mabye even theory on this...
Why do chords matter? I feel like for him, Bob Dylan, it was more about the message or feeling of the song. His idle was Woody Gutherie so its good that you mentioned him. I think he'd be pleased.
Part of it goes to the fact that a lot of folk instruments are only playable in limited keys. Pennywhistles can only play in one or two keys, depending on the pennywhistle, and have you ever tried to play jazz on an autohard, ain't easy.

While Bob may not have been writing for those instruments, the tradition of keeping the chords simple stuck with him.

And if he only needed those 6 chords, why use any others?
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Part of it is that folk of the '60s was about making songs with messages that could be easily learned, with chords that weren't too complex. A lot of those artists (Dylan included) wanted their songs to be played by other people, who may not have been overly serious musicians. It was a way to spread a message.
Sometimes it's good to keep it simple. I think simple music appeals to most people. It doesn't demand anything from the listener, you can just listen to it. You don't need to consciously focus on the music, you just enjoy it. You can write simple music well and not that well. For example IMO the problem in today's mainstream pop is that they overuse same kind of melodies and chord progressions. The songs are just too simple. You can make some really cool stuff with only two chords but you can also make it sound very repetitive and boring.
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Well, it's all about what you do with that simple stuff. Like Dylan fingerpicks sometimes. Or he'll have very interesting lyrics.
he is very interesting. you might not have listened to him close enough
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Here's why:
Musically speaking, Bob Dylan is not interesting at all.

GTFO now!!
I'd agree that, musically, he is not interesting at all. Lyrically, on the other hand...