I have just released my 5th album, "Light Years Away" which is available at below link. This one is all vocal tunes with guitar based rock, my previous four albums are all instrumental and may be of more interest to UG viewers, and 3 of them are also available online. I have been playing guitar for 30 years, took lessons from John Petrucci of Dream Theatre and have studied classical guitar with a student of John Willimas and master classes with Martin Simpson and Robben Ford. I have a million influences, but probably the biggest are my early ones: Joe Satriani, David Evans (Edge), then later Shawn Lane, Ochieng Kabesellah and many many others! I have tried to incorporate all my many musical influences in my own distinct style. My latest album features guest musicians, some of the most talented people I have played with over the years. Hope you can check it out!

A number of videos on my Youtube channel: