Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present to you the idea of looking up the group: That Handsome Devil

I really wish I could put up some youtube vids, but where I am typing from has restricted access. So you'll have to make due with some words and maybe that will motivate you to look them up yourselves.

This band has such a bizarre, entrancing sound where to start...

The Singer: Has a bassy raspy voice that has this certain je ne sais quoi that draws me in every time I listen

The Band: Such a strange amalgam of sounds; keys, guitar, bass, drums all working together to form a hypnotic pull that is reminiscent of a smoothie consisting of Swing, Surf, Blues, Rock, and Hip Hop all blended together for a delicious sip of awesome.

Suggested listening: Pills For Everything, Damn Door, Mexico, Kiss The Cook, Power Drunk

I spend a lot of time converting my friends to this band and figured I'd take my campaign to the internet. Please tell me what you think of them.