Hello everybody,

i'm Thomas, also known as PoY, and I would like to share some of the musics i've created so far.
To define my style, i would say that I try mixing the brutality of metalcore and the beauty of symphonic metal (with or without keyboard).

As I am still a beginner in the huge world of music, i try to collect opinions about what i wrote, to improve my skills as a songwriter, and to have more and more fun to do it.

So, here are, for the moment, my 3 finished songs, sorted by order of creation :

Against The Wall


Hurting Rime

The first 2 are entirely electronic songs, the third one is half electronic (for bass guitar and solo) and the rest is played by me.

If you have time, please tell me what you think of these musics (mastering, progressions, writing,etc)
See you !